Why OEM need BI SaaS outsiders ?

Why OEM need BI SaaS outsiders ?

27 Oct Why OEM need BI SaaS outsiders ?

Like many technologies, the ERP industry has evolved to a simple tool which could give an overview of the total company’s activities to a comprehensive one with users always requiring more insights about specific activities within the company.

The hegemony of big ERP providers is now going to its end. While all the visibility is still for the ERP ancestors, there are significant proofs of dwindling :

  1. Fewer new features
    The industry hasn’t been able to cope with actual needs and demands. Executives and managers are waiting for more features which could help them to have more insights and monitore their activity by being to take the right decision at the right moment
  2. Focus on Analytics
    IT staff such as Information department and Technology department want to extract more insights/analytics from different sources. Old fashionned ERP only treat data from their own database only. New SaaS technologies are changing the game
  3. Migration to the Cloud
    The migration to software as a service (SaaS) delivery model has contributed to the dropping ERP price. “The proliferation of SaaS as a delivery model has been the primary driver behind the price falls because it costs less to operate and has increased competitive pressure among vendors
  4. Overruns cost
    In many people’s minds, the phrase “ERP” is synonymous with “cost overruns.” Over the past five years, 58 percent of ERP implementations exceeded their planned budgets and 65 percent experienced schedule overruns, according to a 2015 ERP Report. Most ERP customers report they have achieved less than half of the measurable benefit they anticipated receiving as a result of the ERP implementation

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