V3 + API Release

29 Oct V3 + API Release

After months of hard work, we are pleased to announce the V3 of BILBEO and the new features of this big release !

API & New Admin

In this major version, we deliver BILBEO with a completely new API and Admin module for Users and Workspaces Management. This is our first step toward the collaboration revolution aspect of BILBEO. You can now invite and manage permissions (on indicators and dimensions) directly in the Admin module or through our REST API. The Data management and upload was also completely revised and optimized.


You can now manage permissions on Indicators and group of Dimensions. This give you full control of which data is accessible to each of the user in the workspace. The “Default” group of indicators is the group that include ALL the indicators in the workspace. To grant permissions on specific indicators ONLY, create a new group with a list of indicators.

Permissions - Indicators


This “Default” group of dimensions is the group that include ALL the dimensions in the workspace. To grant permissions on specific dimensions ONLY, create a new group with a list of dimensions.



Reports builder

We’ve been listening to your feedback about our PushBI Reports feature. Many of you appreciate this new capabilities, but some of you asked to have more control on the type of reports that every user receive. So we change the feature and now each user can create its own report !

We’ve also added the option to “test” the report before you save it and receive it periodically. The test report is sent to the user email. Of course you can also unsubscribe to the mail reports by simply deleting the report.


Report Builder

Granularity, Compare period and dimension selection saving

Now all your preferred choices from the control center are saved for all the sessions. This mean that if you are use to look at your data in a MTD granularity, you won’t need to choose this granularity at each login, it’s now saved from your previous session. In addition, the comparison period along with the dimensions selected in the control center are also saved to provide continuous experience and save you time.


Bigger workspace handling

We have work very hard and completely re-code our backend side from scratch with the latest technologies (MongoDB + Map Reduce), to boost our performances and made BILBEO able to handle larger set of data. We have responded to these challenges and build a new version of BILBEO, more reliable and optimized.


Performance improvements

we have not neglected the Front side and made BILBEO far more faster on upload than the V2.


Mobile support

The increase in speed and few arrangements on the UI/UX made the application more suitable to use on mobile phone. You can now access your favorite scorecards module and even dive to the KPI detail (rebuilt for mobile). This is not yet an mobile app, but can be quite useful to check your results on the road!


Bug fixes

Too numerous to mention, but we’ve been busy fixing the bugs we’ve found and that you’ve reported. We continue to appreciate all your thoughts that come in via the Uservoice widget, positive, negative or buggy. We’re reading every word – thank you!


Known limitations

There is a problem in the login from Chrome for iOS on iPad and iPhone devices. Using Safari Browser on iOS devices is usually more reliable at the moment.


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