V3.2 Release

22 Feb V3.2 Release

We’re back! Introducing our first update of 2015.

After months of hard work, we are thrilled to announce the V3.2 of BILBEO and the new features of this awesome release.

New KPI Detail Design

In this major version, we deliver BILBEO with a completely revised UI for the KPI detail screen. The new minimalist design emphasizes some key statistics and keeps a wide space for a clear rendering of the historical graph.

You get an quick overview of your performance on different scales (Daily, Month To Date, and Year To Date) at a glimpse. Knowing that you often measure your performance compared to the previous period and the same period last year, we put the variance change for the both.


New Detail V3.2


***Coming soon*** : For the next releases we are planning to add a new and a lot more functional way to manage Targets and Thresholds. That’s the reason we have removed the target + % achievement widget. With the new feature, you will be able to define your own(s) threshold(s) for each indicator and you will be alerted when the indicator is reaching this threshold.



You probably remarked the alert detected and shown on the graph. Bilbeo is able to track and detect (statistically) significant alerts and let you know when an indicator is going wrong!


  • Mail notification + Direct link to KPI Detail

Mail Alert

  • In the data list

Alerts in Data list


***Important remarks***:

  1. The alerts notifications are sent on the 5th of each month.
  2. The alerts are sent to all the users who have permissions on the specific indicator. If you receive an alert that is not relevant for you, you can unsubscribe from an alert by clicking on the link “Unsubscribe” in the mail received. Keep in mind that for now, this is a “one-way” opt-out. This mean that you won’t be able to receive alerts for this indicator anymore. We are planning to develop more advanced management of notifications on the next releases.



Collaborative tasking (*Experimental*)

How many times did you realized a drop in performance that requires intervention of one of your employee/collaborator? (i.e: “The number of tickets is excessively high,” “we are far from our goal to conquer,” or “the waiting time of customer calls that is too high!”)

Realizing that on time is good, but it is not enough … You must interact quickly and drive actions to address the problem.

So far your only solution was to send an email (again!) Or leave your management Dashboard, Drop a call or outright typing the office of your colleague.
The disadvantage of these solutions is that they are either complicated or ineffective (or both!).

With this new version of Bilbeo, you can take action and assign tasks among employees on indicators in the same application used for performance management!

The benefit is clear: You are 1 click of the delegation of a task or the starting of corrective action and finally the link is established between your actions and your results!

We hope this feature will help you achieve your goals and improve your business performance. We spend some few time to get this experience effective with few nice features :

  • Mail notification + Direct link to KPI Detail

Task Mail

  • Flag on the graph

Flag on gr


***Coming soon*** : Now you can see and review the tasks that you have opened only from the “Tasks” tab in the KPI Detail screen of each indicator. To help you tracking the tasks, we are planning to add a new widget in the dashboard that will show all the tasks in the workspace.


“Full of life” – Upload you profile photo

Bilbeo is becoming collaborative – So add a photo to your profile! (it will be helpful for the new tasks)

You have choice to upload your portrait from your PC or to take a photo from your webcam.


Full of life




Show the last login date for user/workspace

You can now manage permissions on Indicators and group of Dimensions. This give you full control of which data is accessible to each of the user in the workspace. The “Default” group of indicators is the group that include ALL the indicators in the workspace. To grant permissions on specific indicators ONLY, create a new group with a list of indicators.


Last login



We managed to move the most interesting indicators to compare at the place you most likeley want to compare indicators… in the compare search field.

Now you see the hihly correlated indicators at the top of the list.


Correlations in compare





And a lot more … :

  • Breakdowns sorting by values in Stack and Histogram charts
  • Add “Cumul A -1”  (YTD-1) column in Report
  • Add the last refresh date of the workspace in the workspace menu
  • Change email in Profile and form the API
  • Delete user (from the API)
  • A lot of bug fixes…
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