Update Your Data Mining and Business Intelligence Capabilities

14 Nov Update Your Data Mining and Business Intelligence Capabilities

In the complex world of business, the ability to quickly access and accurately analyze data is critical to success. While many businesses outsource to firms specializing in business intelligence, the fast-paced, technology driven world of business today mandates an in-house solution. There are many programs that claim to be out of the box solutions for data mining and business intelligence. However, they are complex to set up and even more difficult to analyze without the expertise of a data scientist. Enter BilBeo. BilBeo provides industry leading data mining and business intelligence solutions for businesses in any sector from banks to insurers to retailers.


What makes BilBeo so different? BilBeo puts data-driven decision making solutions within reach of small and medium businesses. Spreadsheets and kpi dashboards simply don’t cut it in terms of valuable data extraction. BilBeo can take your small to medium sized business beyond flat dashboards. Instead, you can access affordable, web-based data mining and business intelligence solutions that were once only available to the big guys.


Powerful dashboards usually only come as a result of hours, days and sometimes even weeks of labor. However, BilBeo provides automatically powerful dashboards using algorithms that take your complex information and simplify it for you in the form of automatically generated reports. Switching between different visualizations such as mining map, data lists and score cards is easy and intuitive using BilBeo. You can even search to further refine your views using their powerful and easy to use dashboard.


Tracking and trending your performance metrics over time will enable your business to visualize and evaluate how the decisions you make affect your business and its data types. The advanced algorithms developed by BilBeo are capable of understanding and analyzing your data so that you can focus on the big picture. Numbers, dates or lists of items are automatically interpreted by the BilBeo interface. Your entire team will be able to input data types in an intuitive manner so that complex data analysis will be streamlined and simplified. No IT knowledge? No problem, anyone can use this interface and get accurate results.


While the ability to interpret data and business intelligence is important, security over this information is critical. Given the ease of use with BilBeo, security may be a perceived concern. However, BilBeo places central importance on protection of your data. The interface enables you to set different levels of access for users, workspaces and data sets so that you can be assured your business intelligence is secure and in the right hands.


Finally, BilBeo provides a robust platform for users to collaborate and securely share data sets with other users. With security enforcement at the server level, you can be confident that there is no way to bypass access checks. This also makes it possible to enforce security for any applications utilized by BilBeo or which uses the BilBeo XML Rest API to perform remote data analysis and processing. All of this translates to the fact that you’ll be able to perform complex data mining and business intelligence analysis in-house without the need for any experts or outside consultants. As a small, medium or large business, you’ll be confident that you’re guiding your business in the right direction and positioning it for success in the future.


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