V2.1 Release

05 Mar V2.1 Release

We’re back! Introducing our first update of 2014.

The title of this special release is : “Top-Down Analysis or How to not end up drowning in a sea of information”

Granularity Control

Since we released the second version of our product, you told us that you wanted more control over graph and data aggregation, so from today you can control the aggregation level of each KPI in the Detail Screen.

Aggregation control in the KPI Detail screen

Aggregation control in the KPI Detail screen


This group of buttons controls the entire KPI Detail window : All the data points in the graph will be recalculated along with the Cards on the left side.

This function is completely inline with our philosophy  to provide you an analytics platform that keeps you from drowning in a sea of information. Indeed, we have built a complete UX experience that helps you to pinpoint the root-cause of your performances problems, by conducting you in a Top-Down Analysis (You start from a Managerial analysis axis, and then, you go through the bad performances and pinpoint the cause by doing a drill-down into Breakdowns and in a more detailed granularity.


New Aggregation columns in the Data List

With the aim of facilitating the analysis and to benchmark your performance with past periods in the simplest way, we’ve added New Aggregation columns in the Data List (MTD-12, MTD-1, Day). Enjoy the performance management !


Guided Tours with WalkMe™

In order to help new users Getting Started, we designed and built a guided tour along with specific tutorials for different actions inside the application. The Tutorials are made with WalkMe, the world’s first interactive online guidance system. Let us guide you Step by Step …


For a closer look at the latest new features, jump into your account. As always we would love to hear what you think.

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