Leading Data Mining and Business Intelligence Solution

17 Nov Leading Data Mining and Business Intelligence Solution


When it comes to staying ahead of the competition, every bit of data and intelligence you can get counts. While many data mining and business intelligence in general has bee out of reach for small to medium sized businesses, it is now becoming a viable option thanks to companies such as BilBeo. BilBeo makes it easy to explore your data. You’ll be able to uncover new trends and detect patterns. As a result, you will be able to open up new business opportunities and have a better sense of your target demographic.


BilBeo is the leader in allowing businesses to transform classic time series into extremely powerful insights. This data is converted into an easy to understand format. You won’t need a data scientist to set up or interpret the data you get from BilBeo. Instead, you’ll get immediate, actionable insights that will help you strategize and position your business for future success.


“BILBEO is ushering in the era of ‘self-driven data exploration’ by making it easier for the masses and not just data scientists and quants to connect, explore and glean intuitive insights from data… and all of this… in seconds.”


An industry innovator, BilBeo has created the first ever auto-populated dashboard. What is an auto-populated dashboard? In layman’s terms, it’s a dashboard where you can import key metrics from your business and receive detailed reports in literally seconds. It is a complete out of the box data mining and business intelligence solution that is geared towards small to medium sized businesses.


You may not have the budget for data specialists, but the good news is you won’t need them once you’re up and running with BilBeo. Unlike some programs where you have to input all of your parameters and information, BilBeo makes it simple. Upload a few files and your entire dashboard will be rich with vital data and intelligence.


In order to be competitive, businesses need accurate data in order to make data-driven decisions and strategies for the future. Simply relying on spreadsheets and databases won’t cut it when your competition is looking at complex time series data.


Instead of hiring an outside firm or hiring a team of data mining specialists, you can simply rely on BilBeo to synthesize and analyze your time series data into valuable intelligence for your business. You’ll be able to look at web analytics, survey data, sales, marketing, insurance, non-profit, engineering, law enforcement or social data. All of this data can be synthesized and analyzed through BilBeo’s scalable algorithms to provide you with the knowledge to stay ahead of the competition.


Why run the risk of falling behind in your industry? The intelligence that was once only available to big businesses is now accessible to medium and even small businesses. This puts you at an advantage if you’re a small organization, because you’ll be able to adapt much more quickly to intelligence than your larger competitors. Staying ahead of the competition and adapting to your changing customer needs is the key to increasing your bottom line. At the end of the day, BilBeo is the key to your future success.

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