Position Your Business for Success with a leading Data Mining and Business Intelligence Solution

14 Nov Position Your Business for Success with a leading Data Mining and Business Intelligence Solution

Competition in business is fierce. Tracking the performance of your business and staying ahead of trends has become a critical strategy for many small to medium sized businesses who are struggling to compete with the larger industry leaders. While finding a niche within an industry is key to many small and medium sized businesses, they also need to be able to track their performance and predict trends.


Access to data mining and business intelligence has traditionally been out of reach for most small to medium sized businesses due to price and complexity. However,  BilBeo is making it possible for these businesses to make data-driven decision making without the expense or expert analysts.


“BILBEO is ushering in the era of ‘self-driven data exploration’ by making it easier for the masses and not just data scientists and quants to connect, explore and glean intuitive insights from data… and all of this… in seconds.”


What makes BilBeo unique is its ability to use complex algorithms to take a business’s data and automatically generate actionable reports without any time consuming setup, data entry or complex analysis. To use a popular term from software, it is “plug and play.” Too many small and medium sized businesses struggle to extract valuable knowledge from conventional spreadsheets and kpi dashboards. Unfortunately, this only results in wasted time and frustration. Banks, insurers and retailers already know this is an exercise in futility.


BilBeo has made it so that the average small to medium business can access the insights that these larger businesses have relied upon for years. However, they are changing the game because now, small and medium businesses can use their web-based data mining and business intelligence solutions to do what the big players have done with expert data mining firms for years.


Your business can be up and running with data mining and business intelligence in a very short period of time. Simply import your MS Excel or CSV files or use BilBeo’s simple API and an complete dashboard with mining insights will load before your eyes by virtue of their complex algorithms. These insights are very intuitive and allow users to switch between mining maps, data lists and scorecards. Views can be refined even further by way of a search input.


Any time powerful insights and data are generated, a concern over security emerges. You can be confident that BilBeo has the security of your data as their top priority. You will be able to grant access at different levels, workspaces and data sets for your company’s various users. This will ensure that only the right people are accessing your sensitive data and insights. Security at the server level makes the system extremely secure. The security even extends to any applications used by the BilBeo XML REST API when it performs remote data analysis or processing.


While security is important, it is also necessary to facilitate ease of collaboration for data mining and business intelligence. Therefore, BilBeo has made it simple to collaborate and share data sets with other users securely. Data can be tagged with comments and keywords and analysis can be downloaded as text or in presentation ready formats.


Predicting trends and tracking progress over time can be extremely valuable for small and medium sized businesses because it allows them to maximize on their advantage of being able to quickly respond and adapt to market changes. With BilBeo, you’ll be able to track and trend your metrics over time so that you’ll be able to adapt your current strategies and position your business for future success.


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