Many companies lose resources in building homegrown BI application

20 Oct Many companies lose resources in building homegrown BI application

While the Business Intelligence (BI) application market is growing in number of actors and new entries. There are companies who keep wanted to use a homegrown BI application.
Is it not enough choice to find the proper tool which will help making your company successful ? Apparently, the answer is NO… Let’s see why and how a SaaS application can make a difference and help you out succeeding.

What is failing in almost all BI application ?

  1. About 45 % of companies think they can not access and use all needed data. Mainly because their data model is too restrictive.
    With its BI dashboard for Executives and Mangers, Bilbeo can collect you data from almost any sources, such as Excel, SQL, RestAPI, GoogleAnalytics, many social networks…
  2. 41 % of homegrown BI app users don’t find the right model, relationships, attributes, hierarchies…
    Finding the right way to analyze his data can be mind-blowing and you might miss out important metrics for your activity.
    Bilbeo provide you with a KPI expertise and its patented algorithms can pinpoint important indicators.
  3. 33% of asked person think BI apps do not allow you to clean, integrate or model the data.
    At Bilbeo we will help you monitor your data. We are the guardian of your performance. Never miss a problem and be aware of everything in your business.
  4. Classical BI apps, for 41% of the audience, are too long to get the essential insights.
    All your database you will be automatically and instantly analyze by Bilbeo platform. Even when you will be sleeping, everything will be operated and warn you if anything goes wrong in your activity and send you automatic reports.
  5. Last but not least of the top 5 reasons for having an homegrown BI app is tolls are too complex to use.
    Using Scoring and advanced Data Visualization, we are able to auto-populate a dashboard with intuitive Drill-down capabilities. No setup required from the user. No Design. No Coding. Just automatic KPI’s Scoring that provide a Unified view and Save you time and efforts.


Claim your free-trial to check by yourself how Bilbeo’s BI dashboard fits your needs.

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