Have a 20/20 Vision

08 Nov Have a 20/20 Vision

Understanding Your Companies Strengths And Weaknesses

It is imperative as a business owner, manager, or performance analyst that you make sure you understand your company’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Key Performance Indicators stand your company analysts

Sure, you have people storing everything in those “pretty” Excel Dashboards; but, do you know what all that data means for your company? You could literally be throwing money down the drain by having your employees enter information into “pretty” spreadsheets that don’t help you understand how to improve. Unfortunately, most companies are centrally invested in their own data metrics. Therefore, they believe they are measuring and monitoring the performance accurately when, in fact, their “performance vision” is a little blurred.


When Your Vision Is A Little Blurred

In-house performance measurement systems are almost always likely to fall short of their design. Unfortunately, employees want to show positives instead of negatives. Most all companies have this form of “favoritism”. They favor their company, even when it is going down (no one wants to believe they are failing). This is simply called the “blurred vision effect”. So, what are you supposed to do? You need to put on a new pair of glasses.


Putting On Different Glasses

A different pair of glasses can help you see everything in vibrant detail. When your employees have been “favoring” the results, you aren’t seeing everything vibrantly. You can put on a new pair of glasses by using outside solutions like Bilbeo that can help you with accurately measuring your Key Performance Indicators.

These companies do not have to worry about you getting upset with the results and firing them, unlike your employees who might “favor” the results. Knowing that, you know you will be receiving untouched, unaltered reporting metrics that will give you 20/20 vision over your company.


Having 20/20 Vision

Once you have put on your new pair of glasses (i.e. by using Bilbeo.) you will inevitably be shown a much more focused picture of your company. They work with your company to provide an extra layer of reporting that can show you all of your strengths and weaknesses.

By having access to the new information, your company can make the necessary adjustments to correct mistakes and maximize production and profits.

Understanding that your in-house performance metrics could be skewed is just the first step. You have to understand that your employees like their job (and making money). They are not going to report on something if they feel they may lose their job. This is why you need to put on a new pair of glasses. Enlisting Bilbeo will your clearly see how your company is truly performing. No one likes walking around with blurred vision. If your company is attempting to navigate with blurred vision, it is highly likely that you are leaving money on the table and potentially losing customers. Put on your new pair of glasses with Bilbeo.


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