Achieve positive change using a Smart KPI Dashboard

Drive carefully changes

13 Oct Achieve positive change using a Smart KPI Dashboard

The World, your suppliers, your customers, your market… are changing faster and faster in today’s fast moving world. Those who can not face changes will be overtaken by new technologies and their customers’ demands…

Even if changes is necessary to survive, it has to be introduced carefully to ensure the maximum of positive returns for the company.

Even if changes are decided by top executive of the company – it must be accepted by everyone in the company, everybody has to be included in the process.
If you want a little trick you can keep in mind the 3Cs rule :

  • Context
    Within your company and even with your partners (if it affects them) you need totell people why your company needs changes and answer any possible questions
  • Content
    What are the department or domains that are going to be concerned ?
  • Course of action
    You will need to describe the action that need to be taken and when it is going to be operated.

These 3 dimensions are not separated and should be considered all together. As you are promoting and encouraging changes, you should keep in mind that it can not be done with one single presentation and different channel of communication should be considered.

The human nature does not like changes and you can be sure there will be some resistance from your employees. As a leader, you need all your imagination to find out how to deal with such a resistance in a way that you will be adopted in a good state of mind by anyone.

When do people usually resist ?

• The reason and context of change is unclear. 

• Exclusion of some members of the organisation. 

• The change is seen as a threat to the established norms and styles of the organisation. 

• There are no benefits and rewards offered for the change. 

Dealing with resistance involves clearing up any and all uncertainties. The fear of surprise should be eliminated, and reassurance should be delivered at every stage to everyone in your organisation.

The bottom line is that without positive change, your business is unlikely to achieve stretch goals and will most probably fail to meet the needs of a changing and ever-more demanding market.

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