Our Company

Bilbeo is a Business Analytics company with analytics-minded and passionate people that aim to democratize data-driven decision making.

Bilbeo was founded in 2012 and headquartered in Israel.

The big data era is going to revolutionize our world, solutions that let more people make sense of data will be critical. We are going to change the way you interact with your data.

We found the way to translate complexity into simplicity!


We believe this is the end of the classical BI dashboards era. We have identified that all efforts made in the BI industry are concentrated on data extraction and data visualization instead of investing efforts on providing valuable information to help decision makers. Because of this, we have decided to develop Bilbeo, in order to provide actionable insights, accessible by everyone in the company, without any IT or data analysis knowledge.


Bilbeo integrates analytics models & patent pending algorithms. Bilbeo helps you derive real value from your business intelligence investments.

We have signed exciting partnerships, but we can’t talk about them yet. We will make this information public later through announcements on our blog and Twitter feed.

Feel free to reach out to us if you are a developer, vendor or just someone who sees a good fit here so that we can take it offline…