A guide to our new interesting insights and root-cause analysis (V3.2.1)

02 Mar A guide to our new interesting insights and root-cause analysis (V3.2.1)

We are continuing to do the most we can to help you master your performance and understand the root-cause of bottlenecks. That’s why we decided to integrate the results of our smart algorithms into the natural flow of performance monitoring. We now show the most important correlated indicators that may influence the indicators that you analyse.  Depending on the case four different messages are to be shown. Only one is to be shown above the graph.


**Significant deviation**

Bilbeo is able to track and detect (statistically) significant alerts and let you know when an indicator has significantly decreased. When you see this kind of alert, you’ll probably want to create a task to one of your collaborator and ask him to check the reasons of this drop in performance.



**Significant deviation + Leading indicator has been identified**

In Some case, Bilbeo’s algorithms identify a Leading indicator which means that we found another indicator that seems to predict and influence the dropping performance. You are automatically invited to add this indicator to the graph to compare it with the other and check the correlation between them.

Alert and Leader


Blue box. No alert whatsoever, the KPI only has a leader. And again the link adds the leading indicator to the graph.



**Watch out! Decreasing Leading indicator has been identified**
The KPI itself doesn’t have an alert but it is influenced by a leading indicator that has one.

Leader with Deviation


———————-Minor fixes——————————

  • UX improvement – Redirection to the KPI Graph tab of the breakdown (the scorecard clicked from Eye Glance) instead of redirecting to the breakdowns tab
  • Added a loader in the control center (needed when there are a lot of dimensions to filter)