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Bilbeo is a web-based Analytics & KPI Dashboard Software that improves business performance by transforming simple metrics into intelligent dashboards that reveal company weak spots automatically.

Automatically build your own DashboardBuild your KPI Dashboard Automatically Our unique algorithms and technology auto-populate your dashboard based on your data alone. No Design. No Coding.

Identify leading indicators Identify leading indicators  Our unique Data Mining algorithm map (non-linear) correlations uncover underlying leading indicators that drive business performance.

Pinpoint the bottlenecks Pinpoint bottlenecks We conduct data analysis and find the leading performances to identify the bottlenecks in your processes.

Monitoring your performance Monitor your performance Bilbeo is the guardian of your KPIs. Never miss a problem and be aware of everything in your business.

See the Big Picture See the Big Picture Bilbeo to provide managers like you a clear and unified view of the Enterprise Performances.

Drive ownership Drive ownership Bilbeo inspires organizational alignment and goal achievement by managing tasks and actions among collaborators.

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Bilbeo’s KPI Dashboard Software helps you easily control and understand your business, enabling simple performance management. No setup. No Coding. Automatic visualizations that provide an actionable view of your business performance. That’s Bilbeo.

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Identify weak spots.

Our unique data mining algorithms reveal the underlying leading KPIs that drive performance and provide critical insights about your business. Avoid stress–Bilbeo alerts you whenever something requires attention

Drive ownership.

Bibleo’s KPI dashboard inspires organizational alignment and keeps your team focused on what’s really important.

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