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Reveal your business strengths and weaknesses.

Bilbeo is a SaaS Application that helps managers improve business performance by transforming simple metrics into an actionable dashboard that reveals the company’s weaknesses, automagically.

h1 Automatically Build your own DashboardOur unique algorithms and technology auto-populate your dashboard only based on your data. No Design. No Coding.

h2 Identify leading indicatorsUnique Data Mining algorithm map (non-linear) correlations that will uncover underlying leading indicators that drive the business performance.

h3 Pinpoint the BottlenecksWe believe that Data Mining and Algorithms need to be in the service of managers. We do the hard job of data analysis and find the leading performances to point out the bottlenecks in your processes.

h4 Monitoring your performanceBilbeo is the guardian of your performance. Never miss a problem and be aware of everything in your business.

h5 See the Big PictureTired of chasing after objective numbers and results to get the big picture of your business? Bilbeo was built for managers like you to provide a unified, clear view of the Enterprise Performances.

h6 Drive OwnershipInspire organizational alignment and drive ownership. Bilbeo manages tasks and actions between collaborators to help both the assigner and the assignee to achieve their goals.

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Say goodbye to those overwhelming
reports and BI Dashboards.

Decision makers are drowning in analytics tools and spend way too much time and effort into reports by trying to analyze graphs. Bilbeo helps you control and understand the root-cause of your business making it easier and actionable to manage performance. No setup. No Coding. Automatic KPI’s Scoring that provides an actionable and Unified view of performance. That’s Bilbeo.

Business Analytics
KPIs correlations

Pinpoint Bottlenecks at a glance.

We believe that Data Mining and Algorithms need to be in the service of Managers. Our unique Data mining algorithms will uncover underlying Leading indicators that drive the business performance and provide you with the most important facts on your Business. Keep cool, Bilbeo will alert you when something goes wrong with your critical KPI’s.

KPIs correlations

Inspire organizational alignment
and Drive ownership.

BI tools are limited to Data analysis and performance tracking.
They are lacking the ability to set a clear direction to drive accountability and inspire organizational alignment.
Keep your team focused on what’s really important.

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