Bilbeo In a Nutshell…

Bilbeo is a SaaS performance analytics platform for managers who wish to improve business performances (KPI’s). Unlike existing BI solutions that make use of static reporting and require long development cycles and implementation, Bilbeo is ready to use in minutes and provides actionable insights based on data mining techniques that anyone can understand.

We believe this is the end of the classical BI dashboards era. Most efforts in the BI industry are concentrated on data extraction and data reporting instead of investing efforts on providing valuable information to help decision makers. Because of this, we have decided to develop Bilbeo, in order to provide actionable insights and recommendations that are accessible by anyone in the company – without any IT or data analysis knowledge !


Bilbeo is suitable for business managers & executives at any level of the enterprise. Bilbeo is also suitable for any activity: sales, marketing, financials and many more. In addition, Bilbeo is a must for managers seeking to improve performances and looking to derive real value from their business intelligence investments.


Your dashboards will be ready for use in seconds based on our “auto-population” technology. Discover and highlight bottlenecks which have a negative influence on your performance. Get actionable insights and recommendations that will make sense for your business.  


BilBeo analyzes your data by using powerful patent-pending algorithms, data mining models and statistical analysis. Bilbeo is then able to find correlations, pinpoint key influencers and discover the cause of the holes responsible for slowing your business performances.

Do you want to identify business risk and optimize business operations ?